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Diving Medicine | Wound Treatment | Oxygen Therapy | Thousand Oaks CA | Malibu CA | Ventura CAMy practice provides the best evidenced based care for chronic wounds, including diabetic lower extremity ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, pressure ulcers, vasculitic ulcers, ulcers secondary to radiation, ulcers secondary to lymphedema, and other atypical ulcers. As a hyperbaric certified physician, I also have access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for those patients who need the adjunctive addition of hyperbaric oxygen for wound healing, our goal is limb salvage. I also am a certified scuba diving medicine specialist, and perform scuba diving physicals for recreational, government and commercial divers.

My office utilizes electronic medical records which were designed solely for wound management and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We also are equipped with Doppler technology to evaluate ankle-brachial-indexes and the vascular supply to lower extremity ulcers with the first office visit.

Services we offer include vascular evaluation; Dermagraft (bioengineered skin substitute) application for diabetic foot ulcers; Apligraf (bilayered bioengineered skin substitute) for diabetic and venous stasis ulcers; advanced wound care and dressings; debridements in office; and a multidisciplinary wound care team, including vascular surgeons, infectious disease specialists, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, orthotists, nutritionists, etc.

We offer clinical rotations for nursing students and medical assistants with the office-learning both front desk and back office; continuing education lectures on all aspects of wound care and diving medicine.

We accept all insurances, including of course Medicare. HMO patients will need to have their primary care physician obtain authorization to been seen by us.

We appreciate 24 hours notice if a cancellation must occur.

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